Welcome to my website. As a Penobscot Tribal Elder, I belong to a small but proud American Indian Nation with an illustrious history. My ancestors have lived in Maine, the Land of the Dawn, since the beginning of time. This is why our people, together with other northeastern Algonquians are known as Wabanaki - People of the Dawn. With our territories traditionally reaching to the Atlantic coast, we were among the first to encounter early European explorers almost 500 years ago. We governed ourselves long before the French and British laid claim to our homelands, making it necessary for our ancestors to sacrifice blood in defensive wars too many to recount. 

My grandfather Joseph Nicolar – 4th-generation descendent from Chief Joseph Orono who pledged his support to George Washington in the American Revolutionary War – was tribal representative to the Maine State Legislature for many years. In 1893, he authored "The Life and Traditions of the Red Man." Recently republished, this now classic book has become part of the curriculum of many universities that teach Native American culture and traditions. 

Now that you have entered my "cyber tepee" at Indian Island, I invite you to find out more about Penobscot people and our culture through the words and photos presented here. These pages focus especially on my own family history because, of course, that is what I know best.



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