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Videos and Interviews Featuring Charles Norman Shay:


Carole Duval Video

-Honorary Member of the Regiment (HMOR) Induction ceremony of Carole Duval to the 16th Infantry Regiment August 4th, 2012 in Memphis, Tennessee.  1st Infantry Division Reunion.



Interview Video

-Interview with Charles Norman Shay conducted on July 24, 2010 by Michael Van Buren.



Life and Traditions

-Life and Traditions of Joseph Nicolar (companion video to Life and Traditions of the Red Man)


Links To Other Resources:


Penobscot Indian Nation:

The official website of the Penobscot Indian Nation.


Penobscot Nation Cultural & Historic Preservation Department:

The official website of the Penobscot Nation Cultural and Historic Preservation Department, Indian Island, Maine. 


Tim Shay Studios:

Artist and Penobscot Indian, Tim Shay's portfolio is extensive and impressive. Visit his site to learn more and to see his exceptional talent for yourself.


"Association" Deep Respect:

Carole Duval and Tenno Dogger are pleased to present their association, which was founded in September 2010.

The Association "Deep Respect" is intended to preserve and transmit the memory of the fighters of World War II, contributing to the success of Operation Overlord.


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